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  • DJ Insurance specialise in musicians insurance and entertainment insurance.

DJ Insurance - specialists for musicians insurance and entertainment insurance


We are DJ Insurance Services. We don’t dress in suits and we don’t believe in prattling on with nonsense jargon that makes us look good and you struggling to keep up. Instead, we are straight talking, efficient and effective local and online insurance brokers committed to helping you overcome the hassle of managing your small businesses insurance needs.

We’re here to help you and specialise in musicians insurance and entertainment insurance.

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DJ Insurance Services are not an insurer, but a broker. That means it is our job to find you the best policy options – not just in terms of premium (although the rates we have negotiated are fantastic), but the breadth of cover that suits your needs (so you are actually covered when you need it most).

DJ Insurance Services works with people all across Australia boasting a large range of insurers to call upon to ensure that you obtain the best musicians insurance and entertainment insurance coverage at the lowest premium possible. This is part of the reason that we are the preferred insurance provider for DJs and entertainers looking for a DJ insurance solution.

We Offer You :
  • Specialised entertainment insurance and entertainment insurance
  • A quick and easy online application process
  • A 24 hour turnaround time for all applications
  • Insurance rates amongst the lowest you’ll find
  • Full claim support and guidance if required
  • A broker that understands your business
  • Cash flow friendly payment options

Why choose DJ Insurance Services ?

People rely on you for music and entertainment. Your equipment and reputation is your livelihood. Now you can rely on us – DJ Insurance Services – an expert insurance broker that specialises in providing musicians insurance and entertainment insurance for professionals like you. Our incredibly low premium rates ensure you can spend more time on doing what you do best without the worry of being adequately covered for unforeseen contingencies.

Whether you are looking for liability insurance; vehicle insurance; property cover (full accidental damage including whilst loading and unloading); income protection in the event that you are injured and unable to earn an income; and travel insurance – either annual or single trips, DJ Insurance can help. Our proven professionalism and attention to detail ensures you are in good hands, and our relaxed and friendly approach means that you are sure to feel comfortable and at ease. The insurance services we provide are wide and varied and we are always keen to help in any way we can.

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Don’t delay – contact us today for entertainment insurance and musicians insurance. With a client base stretching nationwide from Geraldton to Cairns to Launceston & Cape York, we are fast becoming an essential partner to all DJs big and small, newly formed and long established

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our clients by providing a range of risk management solutions and assistance particularly when they need it most (which is usually when a claim occurs).