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DJ Insurance specialise in musicians insurance and entertainment insurance.


DJ Insurance Services are able to provide a whole range of insurance services (and we specialise in musicians insurance and entertainment insurance) including public & products liability; property insurance (to cover your decks and other gear); vehicles and trailer insurance; and income protection/personal accident insurance just to name a few. We don’t however, believe in just issuing a policy and that being the end of the matter. Rather, our aim is to work with you to ensure that if you have a concern, it is addressed.

Dealing with an insurance company direct is one option. That said, by law they’re unable to provide advice and can only issue a policy based on what you tell them. Insurance brokers on the other hand are qualified and take into account your circumstances to tailor a solution for you wherever it is possible. This is what DJ Insurance Services specialise in.

If you are an Australian DJ, musician or entertainer looking for an insurance solution, you have come to the right place. DJ Insurance specialise in musicians insurance and entertainment insurance and it does not matter if you are in a capital city such as Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin or Hobart. DJ Insurance Services are an online insurance broker, so we have the capacity to help.

If you are thinking that insurance coverage might be too expensive, or just not sure what is and is not covered, then we highly suggest that you contact us today so you can find out for yourself just how affordable the insurance can be and find out how broad the covers are. Click here to proceed.