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DJ Insurance specialise in musicians insurance and entertainment insurance.

Property Insurance

There is no question that your laptops, cables, decks and music collectiion is your livelihood. You treat your gear with the respect that are deserved. Do the patrons at the events show the same level of concern? Do they ever place their drinks next to the decks, or dance too close to your speaker stands, or event grab the microphone and think that they can do a better job of DJ’ing than you?

What would you do if one of these patrons damaged the gear that you take great pride in? Do you have the money required to pay for a replacement? How much money would you lose if any equipment was out of action?

DJ Insurance Services can provide a policy that covers your equipment for full accidental damage or loss such as from being dropped (including whilst loading and unloading); stolen from a locked vehicle or building; water damage (including from drinks being spilt); and also provides “new for old” protection.
No matter how prepared you are, accidents can and do happen. People dance and have fun – they lose themselves in the moment. What if they trip over a cable or a speaker stand falls on someone, or, as it sometimes happens, the equipment sparks and causes a fire, are you covered for the medical bills and property damage caused?

With the incredibly low premiums on offer, can you afford not to have your gear covered? Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on your liability insurance through DJ Insurance Services.

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Remember, DJ Insurance specialise in musicians insurance and entertainment insurance.